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About Us

On November 1st, 2022, Warsaw's first beauty salon run

by a Japanese national has finally opened in Warsaw's Old Town.


UmA ShAdow, who has been active as a performer all over the world for many years,

and HIBARI, an event producer and hair and make-up artist,

have launched this irreplaceable salon as a couple.


Focusing on PMU (permanent makeup), we specialize in beautiful buttocks (booty facial)

and beautiful skin. As performers and producers, we are always conscious of being seen by people,

and we have tried to create a skin that will not be ashamed of the customers

who are watching the performance in the front row.


We will create a menu that suits each person in our own way and help bring out

the "beauty" that suits each client.


Leave all beauty to "Salon de Switchy".


In addition, we also accept consultations on costumes and hair and makeup at any time.

Feel free to talk to me first.

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